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Live Tissue Imaging

Live Tissue Imaging Live Tissue Imaging Live Tissue Imaging

Typical applications - surgical microscopy, stereoscopic 3D, ophthalmology, endodontic surgery and surgical imaging applications.

Toshiba's core strengths in HD and UltraHD video camera technology are optimal for life science imaging providing extremely low latency, amazingly accurate colors, wide dynamic range and incredible resolution. Toshiba's proprietary 3chip prism block technology, compact camera head and advanced image processing provides the performance to meet the needs of the most demanding life science visualization applications. Some camera configurations feature USB output providing additional flexibility in transferring video images to a computer for storage and review.

Now Available - New JCS-HR5U HD video camera featuring simultaneous HDMI and USB 3.0 outputs

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CompareClear selections Good Better Best
UltraHD IK-4K UltraHD IK-4K Ultra HD provides the highest possible resolution at 60fps, compact, remote-head design featuring selectable UltraHD/1080p and 1080i outputs.
IK-HD5 IK-HD5U Exceptional color accuracy, HD 1080p, 60fps blur free imaging, highest sensitivity, increased near-IR sensitivity, selectable 1080p and 1080i formats, DVI and 3G-SDI/HD-SDI outputs.
IK-HD3 IK-HD3 Provides exceptional color accuracy, sensitivity, HD1080p, 60fps blur free imaging, DVI output.
IK-HR2D JCS-HR5U Ultra-compact, HD CMOS video camera features simultaneous HDMI & USB3.0 image outputs for direct view and image capture to a computer.
IK-HR3D IK-HR3D Economical remote-head, 1-chip, 1080p camera with advanced image processing functions for improved sensitivity and colors.
Chip On Tip Cameras
IK-TF7P2 IK-CT2 Ultra-small, 0.7 x 0.7mm, 220 x 220, 59.94Hz, CMOS COT camera. This is an OEM component solution for integration with various small diameter flexible and rigid scopes.
Medical disclaimer — adaptable for use, not IEC60601