1080p CMOS Cameras
New 1080p 60 (59.94Hz) Full-HD CMOS Camera System
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Toshiba introduces two new feature-rich progressive scan, 1080p, full-HD CMOS cameras, offering unprecedented user-controlled features, advanced noise reduction technology and dramatically improved sensitivity over previous models. Two camera head configurations share a common control unit and interface to meet a wide range of mechanical and budgetary considerations.

High Definition CMOS Technology Cameras
bullet NEW! IK-HD5 The IK-HD5H is the latest 3-CMOS camera innovation, a progressive-scan full-HD 1080p/1080i video camera.
bullet IK-HD3 The IK-HD3H is Toshiba's most advanced 3-chip HD video camera.
bullet IK-HR3 The IK-HR3H is Toshiba's latest innovation in 1-chip HD video cameras.